Message from: Agent KJB 1797

Message to: Sir Jonathan Brokenhurst SI7


Just heard from my contact at the DIA he’s confirmed they have boots on the ground In Turkemnistan AO.
They are currently tracking and attempting to ID several uzbek warlords in the area and they have a group close by to where we want our guys and have agreed to host our party for 48 hours.
I’ve just spoken with SOTF commander and he’s good to go wheels up.

The last message from phineas said the AS group have confirmed a meeting will take place on a 4-6 hour window Saturday that puts us somewhere between 14:00 and 20:00 hrs local time. Full briefings will be carried out on location and our guys should arrive at some point Friday night local.
They will move off at first light to get eyes on possible locations for the meets
The yanks are already tracking the Uzbeks so that should reduce some of the foot work as they will alert us if they see the meet.
From what phineas tells me this is pure and simple a meet and greet to allow for further probes after the device.
Our plan is to ID major players and then make decisions on further action.
I’ve asked them to keep me updated as anything unfolds.
So now we wait.


Message ends

SOTF Op Flagship report

Tweet Message To: Agent KJB 1797 Message From: Major Grey SOTF CHAD J Your guys departed last night so everything should be with you today. During Op flagship We successfully identified and began dismantling the KOA Ati network. We were able to ID several couriers linked to KOA terror activity. We discovered several Links into [...]

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SI7 intel report

Tweet Message to: sir Jonathan Brockenhurst Message from: Agent KJB 1797 S Just received the breakdown of intel gathered during op Altair And our boys grabbed a tidy little bundle of intel in the CAR Confirmation on capture of Bravo 1 hassan Brahim Bravo 2 Oli Farouk kaboom Bravo 3 abakar Habre Bravo 4 kassius [...]

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SI7 intel report 7th May 2014

Tweet Message to: Sir Jonathan Brockenhurst Message from: Agent KJB 1797 S Intel from ground assets confirm KOA movements in Central African Republic. This ties in with reports from several other areas on chads borders. Including Sudan, Niger and Libya It seems that the KOA are turning their attention to establishing relationships with rebel groups [...]

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SNN News

Tweet Special report CHAD 2014 After almost ten years of fighting it’s clear to see that there is still a long way to go before the scars of this nation will heal. But since the summer of 2013 President Camohammed has stayed true to his word and bought the beginnings of peace to his country. [...]

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SNN News 20th march 2014

Tweet Kanem two weeks on. Two weeks ago Chadian government forces launched military assaults into the region of Kanem, Birthplace and strong hold of former president and wanted war criminal Victor Aluma. President Camohammed had issued a 72 hour warning to former KGBNA forces within Kanem with the simple choice of lay down your weapons [...]

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SNN news headlines

Tweet Breaking news. Chadian president camohammed has tonight issued a warning to forces loyal to former leader victor Aluma. The president issued a statement earlier tonight in N’Djamena stating that members of the former military wing of the KGB had until Saturday morning to lay down arms and allow the new regimes military forces access [...]

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SNN headlines 30th January 2014

Tweet Breaking News SNN can tonight reveal a statement released through HM news by former Chadian president Victor Aluma. The statement by the self proclaimed king of kanem claims that western forces recently attempted to assassinate him at his mountain retreat on the kanem Niger border. His claims were sent into HM news from an [...]

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SI7 Intel report 16th January 2014

Tweet Message To: sir Jonathan Brockenhurst Message From: Agent KJB1797 S Following last weeks bombings in N’djamena we received intel that we kept out of the press for obvious reasons. That Intel was the fact that a previously unheard of terror group claimed responsibility for the bombings. This fact was also kept from Chadian government [...]

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Op Baltha debrief report 13th January 2014

Tweet Op Baltha: Mission: Kill/capture Victor Aluma Call signs: Eagle 5-1 Sabre 1-1 Zero Alpha 5-1 deployed to high ground to get into position before sunrise and establish eyes on the target uniform Bravo From North 1-1 deployed west to conduct sweep and search of surrounding area via waypoints and establish secondary OP on target [...]

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