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Welcome To The Official Stirling Airsoft Blog

Stirling Airsoft has been a leading organizer of Airsoft Wargame events and Training in the UK since 2000.
By combining Airsoft Skirmish-style gaming events with training and tactics learned from ex-Special Forces Instructors, Stirling Airsoft revolutionized the way airsoft games are played in the UK.

Stirling Airsoft offers a wide variety of event types, ranging from Airsoft Wargame Weekends, Combat Missions, Tactical Training Days and the ultimate challenge of Stirling Selection.
Please head over to the main Stirling Airsoft site for more information on upcoming events and booking details.

Here at The Official Stirling Airsoft Blog our aim is to give our friends and players an easy way interact with the team behind Stirling Airsoft.  We’ll be blogging about our experiences playing airsoft and sharing some of the tips and tactics we’ve learned over the years.  We won’t be giving everything away though, if you really want to learn these techniques you’ll have to come along to our Training Courses.

We’ve also built up quite a collection of photos and videos from airsoft events and we’d love see what our players have got as well.  We’ll regularly post our favourite clips and photos for you all to see.  Feel free to contact us with your own submissions and we’ll add our favourites.

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