Stirling Airsoft‘s games at Copehill Down Village are always one of the most popular events in the airsoft calendar and interest in this year’s game at Copehill Down in September has reached fever pitch since we first announced it a couple of weeks ago. As sometimes happens when you run airsoft games at military training sites, like our events at Catterick and STANTA as well as Copehill Down, the date we had originally booked for this year’s game at Copehill Down has been pre-empted by the Army who will be training there that weekend, so Stirling Airsoft will now be running our event at Copehill Down on September 8th and 9th instead.We’re putting the finishing touches on the mission plans for the game at the moment and will have full details up on the main Stirling Airsoft site very soon. At that point booking for the game will be officially opened. Stayed tuned to the StirlingAirsoft Twitter account and become a fan on Facebook to make sure you get updated as soon as that happens.

In the meantime, here is Reynolds Films‘ latest trailer for the DVD from last month’s Op: Diamond Strike game at Catterick. As usual you can order your copy of the DVD by emailing

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