Follow me for I am the path to paradise.
Prophet for a new dawn or harbinger of hate?

HM news has received an exclusive video from a man claiming he will lead CHAD into a new era an era free from the tyranny of Victor Aluma and his western puppet KGB government.

The video shows a man his face hidden in shadow as he records his “message for the people” from a non descript location. we can see 2 masked guards behind him both carrying weapons as their leader sits calmly cross legged on the floor a rifle resting across his thighs.

The man identifes himself as the Cleric Omar Gaawd a foreign national who refuses to sit by and watch the people of CHAD be corrupted like the current regime.

The following is a transcript of the video message.

Brothers and sisters of CHAD you do not know me as i do not know you. But we all know the enemy sat in their ivory towers raping our lands for all they can before leaving us in ruin as they have in so many other places so many other times.

I was not born here but i have chosen this land and its people as my own and together we will rise, rise against those who would keep us down keep us shackled. Our glorious leader the prophet Azear has spoken to me in the dark and his words are law to me.




Many nights i have spent in the wilderness but now those nights are gone faded into shadow as some would have our memory of Azear fade into nothing. But no we will not fade we will not kneel for our time is now. the world has stood upon the brink of war for the past decade with the west bullying and terrorising those who sought to stand free.

Now they rule us through their puppets.

Victor Aluma is not your leader not the hero he likes to claim to be he has neither secured our lands or healed the wounds of old he has inflamed them he has infected them and in doing so he poisons us all.




These are the words

This is the time

I call my brothers and sisters i call you to arms

End this oppression end these crimes that hurt us

Kill Victor Aluma

Kill his evil cohorts

Kill those masters who pull his strings

Only when we cleanse the land will the land heal and with the land so will the people heal

Follow me for I am the path to paradise.







The video was sent to us as oppose to othr news agences claiming we would show the truth we wouldnt hide it or corrupt it as would the western media.

we have shown the truth

now you the people must decide is this man what he claims to be? does he speak with the voice of the prophet Azear?

is he the path to paradise?

You the people are the only ones who can decide.

Kaleeef Bogdona

HM News

Africa desk

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