Message to: Sir Jonathan Brokenhurst
Message from:  Agent KJB 1797


We may have a situation developing in the Burutu Delta Nigeria.

Carter has just confirmed that the suspected KOA cell He’d been watching have shown up in Nigeria along the Burutu Delta on the west coast. This suspected ACM contains half a dozen men who left N’Djamena 2 weeks ago and took a meandering route across Nigeria and arrived along the coast 48 hours ago.

This links in with several reports that we have received over the last few weeks that claim a small force has been carrying out guerrilla style attacks at points along the Nigerian coast. Carter believes that his ACM has now linked up with these guerrilla fighters and that something is being planned either bringing in weapons or a specialist contractor along this coast line as its remote location offers the perfect opportunity.

Carter has eyes on the ground and his local assets are working to gather more intel on the purpose of the ACM in this region. In the meantime according to my sources we have elements of 148 Commando Battery Royal Artillery stationed near Port Harcourt and I’d like to alert them and have them standing by as a QRF if things turn sour out there.

I will update you after my next contact with Carter.


Message ends


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