Message To: Sir Jonathan Brockenhurst
Message From: Agent IC1679


The monsoon has come early this year to the Burutu Delta……….. locals tell me how after the rains they are plagued with mosquitoes……………… this year both seem to have happened at the same time……… Only this year’s, mosquitos are sporting pickups and automatic weapons.

Reports are  of former  Libyan marked vehicles and munitions in and around the Delta Region moving with impunity and  what seems like  the local security forces blessing, which concurs with the poor security situation in this area. One unsubstantiated report identified number cases of Man-Portable Air-Defense System (MANPADS) in the neighbouring state of Kogi. Seems there has been a particular interest in this type of weapon systems, the concern is the Delta’s proximity in relationship to international airports such as Lagos and Port Harcourt.

There has been a significant deterioration of the situation in the last 7 days there is increased signs of KOA activity, we suspect several  of our continental friends are now in the local area, we have confirmed evidence of intimidation and so far we have lost 4 local assets.  As a result direct HUMINT has all but dried up…………. atmospherics are not good.

Strangers are instantly singled out, children point in the street, we cannot move without drawing attention to ourselves during daylight hours. We have been deploying our full package of counter surveillance measures and working under the cover of dark only.

“Please tell mother I cannot send her a birthday card at this time, but I will pass it in person when I see her on her birthday”


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