Threat Update

Formation and infrastructure of KOA Knights Of azear


The KOA were formed under the guidance of Udabi Azear shortly before his capture in Khartoum Uganda with the sole purpose of taking the African conflict to the cities of western governments felt to be meddling in African problems.

Azear himself selected 3 of his most trusted generals to form a controlling body Seperate to his IRC International Revolutionary Council which he felt would be unable to carry out the objectives he intended for the KOA This became known as the council of three.

Each member of this council controlled isolated cells with limited knowledge of each other and operations to minimise the risk of compromise. Each of the 3 would report directly to azear but would plan and carry out operations as they saw fit.

Azears  capture by coalition forces Meant that he never actually saw his project completed  and it wasn’t until after the former Generals execution that the cells  actually carried out their first attacks Which was publicly announced as a campaign of attrition and was aimed at major cities across Europe.

During the winter and Christmas of 2007 car bombs in  Tenerife playa las Americas, Paris champs elyse and the London Harrods store bombing bought terror to the streets of Europe. And the planned spectacular on londons tower bridge which was stopped by SI7 . After the failed tower  bridge attack the campaign seemed to die. But 2 years later a new and more deadly KOA began to show itself.


Inteligence picked up by various coalition task force units during Alexander 2 shows that the KOA is back with new methods and new recruits. anaylists claim that the original 3 cells may now have swelled into double figures all running independant  operations and very rare is there any contact other than between the council of three.

Suspects have been questioned and some even charged but a truly definite living member of the KOA is still to be confirmed. Following the extremists Azearean methodology they are a force to be reckoned with. and now they have redeveloped those links with hardline DBR factions they are once again posing a clear and present threat.

Further Intel has stated that the KOA is planning another spectacular which is aimed at toppling Allumas KGB government. the time or location of this spectacular is unknown at this time. But it is the job of each and every agent to work around the clock to stop them before they can carry it out.


More intel will follow as the situation develops



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